Saturday, July 24, 2010

To express oneself.

To express oneself, in particular as a matter of being understood by the widest audience possible and giving pleasure to many, is a hard uphill climb.

You need to forsake yourself. Self protection is the worst scenario. As one famous Buddhist monk in medieval Japan remarked, you need to jump into the water flow to emerge in a new land of tranquility.

These were the words that crossed my mind as I had serious discussions with four other judges over the decision of awarding 8th Takeshi Kaiko prize. What a privilege it is to read the candidates' serious attempts at the genre of non-fiction. The torch is carried and relayed, because of the courage of these upcoming writers to forsake one's old self.

Takeshi Kaiko.


yuzu said...

Thank you very much for the 8th Takeshi Kaiko's award of your judgment.

Anonymous said...

How can artists mix up the pot of originality? How can scientists make strides? Is it all pure genius?

Greg said...

Self-protection can mean that you write only for yourself. However, if you write to be read by others, then you have to think of how you can help the reader. You may want to entertain, inform, teach, debate, or share. Many novice writers are "self-centered" in that they believe that all they have to do is put into writing whatever comes to mind without consideration of the reader's needs or interests.

Thank-you for sharing another thought-provoking post.

Miso Rahmen said...

One way to forsake my old self is to realize what is lacking to express.
I like to develop small challenges.
we can renew ourselves and add something capable without breaking off.

Terribly hot today...
Sapporo will be a little better than Tokyo.