Friday, October 30, 2020

Borat's performance reminded me of the pro wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh.


I don't know if it is just me, but I though the appearance of Borat in the Jimmy Kimmel show was perfectly hilarious.

Borat's performance reminded me of the pro wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh, in that Borat completely set the pace and dominated the scene. 

This would be only possible with meticulous calculation and unshakable self confidence. Huge respect for Borat, and the man behind the character, Sacha Baron Cohen.

The act by Borat's daughter, Maria Bakalova was also superb.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Results unpredictable even if Mr. Biden wins the election.


The upcoming U.S. Presidential election might turn out to be as complex and incomprehensible as the covid-19 pandemic.

To start, because of the asymmetry between both parties towards mail voting (Democrats more inclined to vote by mail), there might be an initial red mirage, with Mr. Trump appearing to win before the counting of the mail votes starts. Mr. Trump might declare victory prematurely. 

Even if Mr. Trump loses the popular vote (and electoral college vote), he might not concede defeat and bow out graciously.

He might refuse to leave the White House, in which case, I read on the web, the secret service might have to physically escort him out as a civilian, an operation the venerable organization is reportedly simulating and rehearsing already.

In addition to that, there might be some resistance from Trump supporters, the nature of which is anyone's guess at the moment.

Taken together, the outcome of the election might be very unpredictable, even if Mr. Biden wins the election. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Mr. Trump's performance in CBS's 60 Minutes


I watched Mr. Trump's performance in CBS's 60 Minutes on its website.

I did not think that questions from the host Lesley Stahl were particularly biased or hard.

It seemed rather that Mr. Trump was set on denying the whole direction of the show from the beginning.

When a person does not have the capacity to absorb information which might not necessarily agree with his or her views, people around would gradually hesitate from expressing these ideas.

Ms. Lesley Stahl did not shy away from making her case, but I wonder how many in the White House would have been bold enough to face Mr. Trump with adversary views.

For a robust policy making, it is necessary to assimilate multiple views. The attitude and tone of Mr. Trump in the 60 Minutes program cast some serious doubts about how his administration has been on the diversity of ideas.