Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The revelation of constellation

Now I am staying in the Kayoutei onsen ryokan in Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa prefecture.

This ryokan is famed for its magnificent breakfast, sometimes praised as "Japan's no. 1 breakfast". I am looking forward to it within a few minutes.

Yesterday, after work, we had a small party in the lounge. When the time was up, I went back to my room. There is a balcony attached to the room. Before going to bed, (or rather, going to the futon spread out on the tatami mat), I went out onto the balcony for a brief time.

What a surrounding! There was a mountain forest just behind the building, and I could see the border of treetops against the sky even in the darkness. There were stars scattered all over. The tranquility was awesome. The milky way was clearly visible, trembling with the random motions of air. Some night birds were audible, with their distinctive tones and melodies.

The day had been hot, with the sun glittering, and I think I was still carrying something of the day inside me. The moment I stepped onto the veranda, the sun and the glittering melted away like snow in the spring. Beautified serenity remained after, in which my soul found a deep solace. I felt that my mind was expanded and connected with the entities surrounding me in the universe.

I could have stayed on the terrace for longer, and ever could have slept on it. The allurement was so sweet and strong. As the more practical side of me won over, I went back to my room and put my head down on the futon. The revelation of constellation was still within me, as I finally lost my consciousness.


Scorpio said...

Thank you for your spacious report.
It is one of wonderful things that we can feel connection with space.I feel I can live even though I don't get along well with my boyfriend, ha-ha.
Have a nice stay!

yuzu said...

I breathe deeply in your qualia journal. It is so compose myself. I want to go to there someday.

I found a swallowtail in the big building's vestibule which is nobody in there. There were only I and a butterfly. It was completely happy. I watched it for a while and caught by my hat. Of course I set a butterfly free in the sunshine from the door. Mr.Mogi, I almost cry when a butterfly was in my hands. I felt its warmth and animate. When I was a child I didn't know its beauty enough.
Now I have a affection toward a butterfly.
Thank you very much,Mr.Mogi.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

The universe resounded with the sound of this poem...

Julie Lavoie said...

Thank you, I love your beautiful blog and all your thoughtful writing.