Sunday, July 25, 2010

The 10 years wait of James Joyce

The Dubliners by James Joyce is a sublime example of English prose work. Written in 1904, the classic masterpiece, however, did not get published until 1914. Seen from the perspectives of today, there is nothing objectionable in the work. At that time, however, some of the expressions in The Dubliners (such as "have a girl") were considered inappropriate.

The fact that James Joyce could not get his work of genius published for 10 full years is a testimony of the fact that reception is not always automatic or immediate.

Let the 10 years wait of James Joyce be a source of inspiration for every young would-be creators and young-at-hearts.

James Joyce.


Wander14 said...

Thanks to you, I got through
the grade 2nd test of EIKEN.

I learn not only English
but also philosophy, entomology
and so on.

I will keep on reading this blog,
of course Japanese one too.
I won't miss any entries.

Thank you so much.

yuzu said...

I have never read James Joyce.