Monday, July 26, 2010


Responding to the invitation of a senior high school headmaster Mr. Kawasaki, I gave two lectures in Sapporo. After the strenuous but enjoying hours, I strolled in the streets towards a local restaurant. It is always refreshing to venture into the unknown. Your instinct to discern the good from the mediocre, the tasty from the not so tasty, is highly invoked and something in you that remained dormant for so many years become active.

It occurs much slower than in a video game. The number of choices are also limited. You cannot fast-forward or keyword search.
But then everything is embodied, here and now.

Finally, we decided on a fisherman's restaurant. The defining moment is the taste of the evening's first beer. As I talked into the late hours with people from around the northern city, the joy of being on the road slowly unfolds itself.

In traveling, you are lost once and then find a transient home. You rest your weight on the newly found ground and then dissolve it without regret. The rather quick procession of things assures that your life is well revived and taken care of. You find that, once again, traveling has refreshed the life in you.


Wakame said...

The chance to arouse our dormant instinct and faculties is decreasing. We are apt to forget the fact itself.
Your joyful steps to the fisherman's restaurant remind me of it.

I sometimes buy a 100yen frozen miso rahmen at Seven Eleven. It couldn't be better if beansprouts and wakame are in the fridge !

yuzu said...

I very feel to want finding my travel in soul.
I'm still week.