Friday, February 19, 2010

The medal monopoly was such an excitement for us kids

The Vancouver Olympics brings excitement and sweet memories.

When I was 9, the Olympic games were held in Sapporo. The 70 m ski jump was a dream result for the Japanese kids, as three compatriots, Mr. Kasaya, Mr. Konno, and Mr. Aochi won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, respectively.

The medal monopoly was such an excitement for us kids that we immediately started to imitate the game. We gathered around the slide and imagined that we were actually participating at the jump hill. After the beep sound signaling for start, we would slide down, and jump, trying to imitate the marvelous players.

Because the Olymics come so far in-between, it can be an impressive marker of your life.


Yuzu said...

Thank you for telling your memories.
My first memory is Janet Lynn,skating.
I yearned for her skating ,attitude ,smile and everything. I put her picture panel in my room.
In that days Japanese player didn't know how to show their charm yet.I regret those grain. Nowadays Kokubo Kazuyoshi was great! But he didn't know showing how nice he is.I am very look forward to seeing him next Olympic.
The Olympics brings many impression and philosophy of life for us.

syray sheep said...

My sweet deam was to get the medal of mathematics.But that has been a deam.I respect not only one but number one.

Tak said...

Dear Dr.Mogi-sensei,

I have a lot of memories on the Olympic games that I would like to note.

Yet I restrain myself, since I should not monopolize this space.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

The theme song of the Sapporo Olympic games was "Ballade of Rainbow and Snow"(『虹と雪のバラード』) sung by Toi et Moi.

I listened to the song from old TV and radio in those days. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody and beautifl their harmony.

Later in my life (Recently), I went to their live concert two times to listen to this song.

This song always makes me remind me of my kids days and makes me cry...

apple407 said...

There was a time, also, when Japan dominated swimming. (This was before western/American influence in Japanese diet.) How was that possible?
But, enough of that for now.