Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keep going with the "writing streak"

I went to a wonderful performance of Siegfried at the New National Theater. Wagner took years to complete this magnum opus.
As I reflected on my own daily activities, I came to the conclusion that I needed to review the way I interact in the internet.

I would like to use my hours and minutes so that activities would lead to meaningful accumulation. After much thought, I have discontinued the comment and trackback sections of the Japanese blog, as approving the entries take too much time every morning. I have pondered the nature of this English blog, and decided to keep going with the "writing streak" (since 6th June last year), as this space is meaningful as an opportunity of experimentation with English expressions. I also decided to leave the comments function here open, as I see it is serving as a medium of meaningful communications here and worldwide.

Several things in my life made me go through this soul searching.


kirainet said...

Keeping comments open is not easy! I've kept them open in my blog for seven years, but it's getting more and more complicated. And using your time on the Internet in a meaningful way is not easy either. I always try to PRODUCE information while I interact on the Internet instead of just CONSUMING. If I want feel like consuming information I would just read a book or watch a movie, if I feel inspired I would just open my computer and write something in my blog or upload pictures to my flickr and interact with people. More producing and less consuming ;) I also try to make my "productions" meaningful, I like to learn through the process and hope that what I produce will be also meaningful for others.

This morning, I opened the window, I saw it was snowing and got excited. Took my camera and instead of going by bicycle to work this time I took a different path, I want to walk through Yoyogi park while snowing! It was beautiful, inspiring and different than my daily routine. For a moment I thought about the article you wrote in this blog about how taking a different path to work can give us inspiration. I also thought about how much I like your blog posts, how you write and how much you like to meditate about your thinking processes. I thought that you should publish a book putting together your best posts from your English blog. I would buy it!

After the walk I arrived to my work place, looked from the window, I contemplated white Tokyo, opened my computer and this post appeared the first to read in my feed reader! (Yes, I always CONSUME information for 10 minutes first time in the morning).

Keep the writing streak!

Tak said...

Dear Dr.Mogi-sensei,

Good luck with your new voyage!

I myself try to live a meaningful life like you.

r_yuzurin said...


I absolutely agree that no one should give you any trouble. It is difficult to tell by words, but I really appreciate your generosity.

I would like to be like genuine human same way as you. So I am going to feel or think or be inspired though this blog in silence.

Thank you very much for great entries.

Yuzu said...

I'm watching TV, I quite agree with you.
This world must be wonderful.

Petrusa de Koker said...

I am relieved that you decided on keeping your English blog going (since I cannot really read your Japanese blog - I tried, but the electronic translation does not make sense). I'm also glad that you decided to keep the comments. Most of the time, I find them as interesting as the blog entries (especially when someone like "SK" does not fully agree and then adds a whole different perspective to the subject).
Congratulations on keeping up with the English blog for so long now. Take care.

Ken Mogi said...

Dear, Petrusa.
Thank you for your comments. Your writings always bring me much joy. I join in admiring the comments by SK, although I don't have the slightest idea who this intelligent person is in actuality!
Please keep visiting this space.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

I would like to follow Dr.Mogi's new phase with the spirit like the athletes.

Yuzu said...

I'm very glad you take care of your soul.
Your daily is so incentive for reader. I thank you so much. I'm sure it is not enough words.....

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks Mogi-sensei and Petrusa for the kind references - My apologies for the anonymous nature of my comments. What I need to do is try to remain unaffected in the way I have rather freely written my comments thusfar and avoid overly trying to look "intelligent" going forward. I share everyone else's heartfelt appreciation and respect towards the continuation of the "writing streak". Please do keep blogging.