Monday, February 15, 2010

Either way, they have nothing to say about their performance

The Vancouver Olympics is well under way. When I watch the games, when I can that is, I tend to focus on the losers, as well as the winners. Athletes cannot explain their failures away. They have nothing to say about their performance. They just do it, based on the skills and experiences that they have acquired over the years through arduous training, and they just accept the results as they come, no matter what nature. If they lose, they quietly fade away. If they win, they enjoy the transient spotlight. Either way, they have nothing to say about their performance, as everything is over once the competition time is up.

As the world become increasingly talkative, delving into other people's matters and widening the range of one's objects of comments, the athletes in the Olympics provide a refreshing contrast, just concentrating on what their finite bodies can and cannot achieve.

Maybe we should all be like the athletes.


r_yuzurin said...


This entry has convinced me.Thank you very much.
I remember what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Fully concur. As with other forms of art, artists should remain quiet about their work or their performance and leave the chattering to the critics. The beauty of it all transcends the insignificant concept of victory and loss, always something at a completely irrelevant level that the human talent, effort, passion and devotion achieves and what counts, what makes us human. The Olympics for me is similar to any other sports day event at any local schools or kindergartens, a joyous celebration of humanity. I have a feeling our media needs to catch up with the general sentiment of the people of Japan who no longer really care about the number or the color of the medals which are won under the flag of the rising sun and rather shift its values on what truly should be reported from a global and human perspective which I believe is more of what the public wants to see and hear.

Tak said...

Dear Dr. Mogi-sensei,

I totally agree with your point.
I am ashamed of being talkative at this moment.
Maybe I should concentrate on what my finite brain can achieve in my field.

Yuzu said...

How are you? I backed a life which can use internet.
The Vancouver Olympics has started, all players are beautiful. I am very impressed their playing and everything. I follow your ideas, we should all be like the athletes.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

The news says,"The dress code is important,bla bla bla..." What? I'd like to say that the young athletes' pure talent and future is more important than the rigid code.