Monday, September 13, 2010

Time for change.

I have not written into this English Journal for a little longer than a week now. The writing streak is now officially broken. I don't really care. Maybe my life is moving into a new stage.

One of the reasons why I did not (or could not) write into this journal was because I was busy tweeting in Japanese with my twitter account @kenichiromogi. (The English account is @kenmogi) It seemed, for a few glaring days, that the time for change has finally come to Japan. Away from the dominance of organizations and job titles, more freedom to individuals, farewell to the old press, and more important than not, a true reform in the political system.

I was being an accidental "activist" on the twitter, with much love and peace, together with some notable individuals in the Japanese cultural and political scene. And yet, (you know these things take time and make some surprising twists when you least expect them), it seems that we need a certain reflection period before it really happens.

It is probably true that the time for change is imminent for this country. For the time being, I am back to normal. There are loads of things to do, pro-change or otherwise, and there probably will be more bends in the road, both private and public.


Takae said...

Love your morning twits! What you're doing on Twitterland helps a lot of Japanese people to see things in a different light and realize that it's time for a BIG change. It's also timely because of the TV show Ryoma-den.

Mogi-san, your voice matters to so many people, and you have the power to change the society. Pls use the power wisely as you do, and hope Japan will change for the better. I'm counting on you!!

Greg said...

I noticed you were sending out "bursts" of tweets the past few days. It looked like an interesting experiment. They triggered an association with the old Burma Shave ads along the roadways of the early 20th century. What were your impressions?

Tsumabenicho said...

New arrival !
It's pleasant for me to write to you in English for a change.

I agree with your argument that we are finally all Japan.
Though I get restless at the sign of a political change, it is also a chance to know how differently we Japanese approach to the country.

I hope political friction between the two candidates brings a dynamic chemical reaction beyond the sections.

Anyway, If I were the candidate, besides the winning, I would be not a prime minister but a ministry , for example, for environment.
Kakke~ ( Cool ! )
I feel plenary powers look like powerlessness. A pinpoint breakthrough is closer to human nature in politics.

(ma)gog said...

It's so nice to see the qualia journal updated again!

I opened my twitter account maybe a year ago inspired by you, but hadn't got "involved" till quite recently since you started "very active" on twitter. Now I am following about 30 "information resouurces" and feel like that my eyes suddenly have opened up to the new possibilty of the world of communication.

While being amazed and filled with curiosity towards twitter world, I must say that I like your qualia jounal better than anything else.

So, please don't say that "you don't care" (actually I hate to hear this phrase uttered by anyone), just continue writing sometimes for all the readers of your journal.

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Hello Mogi-san,
Nice to see you write in your blog after almost a week. Although I do not comment often here but regularly read all your posts.

I also felt a bit sad to read that 'you do not care'. I know it must be difficult to write everyday due to your very busy schedules. But do post here whenever you get time. I still find it rather difficult to understand the nitty gritty of twitter. So please do keep posting here also.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Dr.Mogi's short and sharp expression on the Twitter.
Dr.Mogi's silent and deep thinking on this journal.

Both of them are attractive to me.

yuzu said...

It's very happy to read your qualia journal.
I can appreciate and contemplate you,thank you very much.
I think that you always challenge, research and discover
something instinctively. I wish that your new stage is getting close to your joy.

Joybird said...


I watched you appeard on Ustream's "Art School" yesterday and I loved it.

The part you emphasized the importance of looking the other culture not relative to another culture was compelling. This is the perspective everyone should have.

I was also surprised that your twitters' words could be so mis-construed to the extent Taichou herself had showed.

On the other hand, Taichou is in my opinion, an average Japanese OL or salaryman, whose point of view has been formed by conventional Japanese media, or more probably by the Japanse society's prevailing mood itself which forces you to be less unique.

In this regard, it's totally understandable that Taichou has reached her opinion she uttered yesterday and cannot be blamed for it.

Taichou seemed intelligent enough to get your message. I hope yesterday's experience proves to be her epiphany, and for all the audience as well.

Anne said...

"The way to be happy like Anne, of the Anne of Green Gables", one of your book, was very impressive for me. I enjoyed it very much.
It might be natural that the things change as the time goes by, and people have always accepted the change, if they like it or not.

However, I think too many rapid change is sometimes stressed peaceful people, like Mathew, living everyday with his good old way.
I remember you were talking about your "inner Anne". Is she still in your heart?

And ofcause, good change is wellcome! I totally agree with you at that point. At least we have to do is to assess the result of that change, carefully watching the root of it.

Tsumabenicho said...

The icon on your twitter.
Is the little boy with an angelic expression... you?
Cute !! He has the note of genius.
I will kiss him good morning and sweet dreams.

yacchin said...

Strong Will Power with passion is sure to shatter the rock of difficulties!

The most important thing to accomplish things seems to me self-reliance.Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was infected by your tweet.

Dr. Mogi wrote in the qualia diary in Japanese: