Sunday, September 19, 2010

Myself and the red-bellied newt (2)

(Continued from yesterday)

Days passed, and I kept playing with the arrangements for the newt paradise. Within the small dimensions of the transparent glass case, I put some small stones, plants here and there, and kept changing their placements. The only thing was that I was not too sure whether the newt appreciated my efforts at all.

Then, the change gradually happened. I kept changing the water, feeding the newt, with less and less enthusiasm. There must have been ups and downs within the systems of the little creature even within the artificial bounds, but these were not immediately evident for me. A child's mind is whimsical. It is always seeking something interesting, and when there is nothing more to explore, the enthusiasm fades. Shining existence would so easily transform into dull non-existence.

One day, coming back from school, I realized that I had not looked into the newt's paradise for several days. It was the end of summer. The weather was still warm, with occasional heat spells. I could easily imagine that the water would be smelling now, due to the activities of the microorganisms which I did not care to think about. And the newt--I suddenly came to realize that I had not fed the newt all these days. Then the worry started.


Junko said...

Saving the energy,the newt was still alive.I hope so.
Vivid memories of your childhood as well as your creativity always make me surprise.
I'm looking forward to read the next entry.

Tsumabenicho said...

Today's essay reminds me of a lingering concern.
In fact I still dream about several creatures, parakeets, tortoises and fish, which are very hungry... even though I should have fed them hastily when I remembered.
I don't know why I dream the same kind of dreams repeatedly.

I liked the observation of metamorphosis in my childhood. But changing of heart is no less dramatic and beyond control than the formal transformation.

What has become of your newt since then?

yuzu said...

I have done like your memory's days when I was also child. It was a bell-ringing cricket. Fortunately I was aware that it didn't ring at night. I started to water and feed again. It ring again for me. I can't forget that ringing sound. I felt that I was alive.