Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rebel with reason.

I am in Singapore now, attending a conference at National University Singapore.

I met with Ilya Farber, my neurophilosophical friend now based in Singapore. We were discussing about various matters over Mexican food, when Ilya mentioned about the spirit of rebel in the United States.

Obedience without reason was not appreciated highly in the United States, Ilya said. If you have a reason to do something against the convention at a time, you are encouraged to do so. Rebel with reason is better than obedience without reason. That is the American spirit, Ilya told me while we were enjoying the night breeze of Singapore.

We also engaged ourselves in discussions on the philosophy of pragmatism. What a stimulating night!

Ilya Farber in a Tokyo restaurant earlier this year.


Takae said...

I totally agree with Mr. Farber. Hope it is the case in Japan too, though. I just moved back from the US to Japan, and I have a feeling it's not the case... Hopefully it would change!!

yuzu said...

I feel that Singapore is something special in Asia.
And Singaporean is very sophisticated and attractive humanity. I think that it is from history. Of course the reason is from this special country's size too. Anyway I like this country.
Mr.Mogi, Please continue to enjoy stimulating time more.

Autumn breeze said...

You have a nice and stimulating time in Singapore, don't you?
I am touched by the saying " Rebel with reason is better than obedience without reason ".
As I often fight down my anger and protest, it happens that critical spirit becomes cloudy. I would like to be at least a mild rebel.

Enjoy a lovely cool breeze at the waterside !

Autumn breeze (ps) said...

Please say hello to our platypus.