Thursday, April 15, 2010

A night at the Semperoper.

On the last evening in Dresden, I went to a chamber concert in the Semperoper. An gentleman looking like Albert Einstein walked onto stage, with a horn in his hand. I became an instant fan of him.

He had a double role. A player in the orchestra and the conductor. Looking around me, I could appreciate that people really loved the music they were hearing. The warmth and vivacity radiated from the inside.

A civilization originates from cultures, expands on them and sometimes dilutes. In the modern era, it is rare to find a cozy and well-collected environment, where people come for an enjoyment that has been made flesh and blood through many years of experiencing, during and before their lifetime on earth. In the urban space, there's often too much traffic. Dresden proved to be a haven for the lonely soul.

As I let myself immersed in the sublimity of music my thought would wander again. Whatever I am going to do, feel, and encounter in days to come, must be put in the context of and generated from the spirits of things that are dear to me. Resting on moments of revelations that have accumulated inside me ever since my childhood. The strange acquaintances one makes and then appreciates in life. The Einstein man triumphed.


(ma)gog said...

So, I am glad that your last night in Dresden was remarked by Einstein.

Thank you very much for the beautiful photos around the river Elbe in your Japanese blog.

I don't know if you are flying back to Japan right away or not, but if you have time and could just drive to the small but beautiful old town Meissen from Dresden, I am sure you would appreciate that.

I insist that next time you fly to Gemnany you must come to walk along the Rhein as well.
That would be one of the strange acuqintances in your life, but perhaps you would find "the spirits of things that are dear to you" since your childhood there as well.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Possibly the origin of life might be music...