Monday, April 12, 2010


I am in Dresden now.

On the way to Frankfurt from Tokyo, I watched "Avatar". I was meaning to see this blockbuster film, but did not have an opportunity.

The visual effects were stunning, even on the small LCD screen on the airplane. The story was politically correct, with clear messages.

I have only words of praise for the efforts of the people who made the film. The commercial success was a testimony of lots of work put into it.

It is always interesting and rewarding to observe a powerful existence reflecting on its own power of destruction.

The endangered creatures were all lovely.

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(ma)gog said...

Please have a nice stay in Dresden,and please try to make a time to fly to the west as well.

I happened to watch the brand new blockbuster film "Kampf der Titanen"(the same very good looking actor in "Avatar" plays the hero)on Saturday night.

Then last night, I had to cross over the dark swelling ocean with huge angry waves trying to swallow me in a tiny gum boat all alone in my nightmare.

I am amazed at such an influential visial effect and am amused to realize how simple minded I am.