Thursday, January 28, 2010

There was something definitely primitive in literally eating "from hand to mouth".

One of the things that I really enjoyed doing in British Columbia was blueberry picking.

Verna took me to the Richmond Nature Park, which was about 10 minutes drive from 7580 Railway Avenue. The Park was a vast extension of shrubs and larger trees, and you could pick up blueberries. Taking the tiny fruits from the boughs and eating them straight away was an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Verna explained to me that people were allowed to eat as much blueberries as they liked. Only don't bring bottles, Verna said. You were not allowed to take blueberries back home, to make jam, etc. I thought the regulation was fair enough.

There was something definitely primitive in literally eating "from hand to mouth". There were times in the history of human kind when the wild meant abundance, and the blueberry picking brought back those ancient times.


Anonymous said...

"the blueberry picking brought back those ancient times."

eating Sushi also? or not?

Einstein's Brain said...

There is nothing like a fresh berry. They don't taste as good when they have been on a store's shelf.

Anonymous said...

I share a similar "from hand to mouth" experience with raspberries in my childhood years. It was a singular experience, perhaps everlasting for that reason. I would never hesitate to choose fresh raspberries over fresh caviar or fois gras anytime.

Yuzu said...

Today's essay is so vivid and fresh, as if though I can look over the Richmond Nature Park, Mr. mogi is in there.How wonderful enjoying in Nature.

And I don't know why today's qualia journal makes me
relaxing and healing so specialy.
Dear,Mr.Mogi,thank you very much.
You are in A God job,I think.

Anonymous said...

It's funny experiment.
It differ from Japanese.
I want to do the blueberry picking.
But I have had the apple picking and strawberry picking .
Particular in strawberry picking I had taken bad face while taking bus to go home.
It' s certainly from hand to mouth.
It's interesting expression.
Thank you.