Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Facebook and twitter.

I still cannot find a useful angle to come to terms with Facebook. I am not a heavy user. I should say I am perhaps not an active user at all, although certainly registered. Given the reported popularity of the service, it is a strange enigma, as I tend to embrace new web services.

It is not the problem of Facebook specifically. It is a common defect, in my view, of Social Network Services. Perhaps the problem is not for everyone. It is a problem just for me, and the likes of me.

There is too much cognitive load compared to the benefits. I don’t so much like to see my friends’ candid photos or their casual observations. Surely these things are nice, but there are other interesting matters in this world too.

The thing is, I much prefer the brutal and swift way that people (or rather, issues) are connected in twitter. There, you don’t have to submit or respond to a friend request. The connections and comments are made without the embarrassing diplomacy and niceties. It is all about memes, not personal relationships per se.

Thus, I find myself in the domain of minorities, while the rest of the world is apparently head over heals on Facebook.


fperut said...

yes .. twitter is impersonnated, whilst FB carries an emotional load that is .. heavy to carry, and disproportionate vs the amount of information received.

Tsumabenicho said...

I enjoy a stanza of sweets on your twitter every morning.
Interesting fresh form on the web!

(ma)gog said...

I didn't know that more people are using facebook than twitter.

Recently, after two years of registration (just from curiosity as my daughter seemed having fun with it), I have finally started to enjoy facebook.

I am happy to have found some of my dear old friends and to enjoy exchanging trivial matters in everyday life, no debate, no criticism, just friendly welcoming is there. I have only 27 friends, but for me that's just enough, whereas my daughter has more than 400 friends including you!

As for twitter, I find it difficult to catch up with its speed. I am quite sure that my brain is not designed for appreciating the world of twitter.

Oli M. said...

I find I seek out Facebook when I am lonely and Twitter and G+ when I feel uninspired. Many times Facebook leaves me feeling lonlier than before, while Twitter and G+ leave me feeling more connected and empowered (albeit also distracted from my work.)

All that changes on my birthday--then a lot of people leave messages for me on Facebook!

kikucchi said...

I cannot agree more.