Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The no-show of iPhone 5 was only a minor disappointment compared to the absence of the wizard.

This morning, I woke up to find a world without iPhone 5.

The revision to iPhone 4S was a good and sensible one, although my enthusiasm at this moment is not strong enough to make me rush to update my iPhone 4 straight away. The delivery by Tim Cook was impressive. The Apple stock will surely recover in due time. But there was something deeper and disturbing last night (JST).

The wizard is gone. There would be no more “one more thing”. Our hearts would not be throbbing in anticipation of a world-changing gadget. There would be no more Steve Jobs on stage, and the world would forever be a place minus that particular enchantment.

When we were kids, we looked up at our parents as if they were wizards. Nothing was impossible for dad. Mom would give me the most incredible present on my birthday. As we grow up, these expectations waned. We inevitably realized that mom and dad were ordinary human beings, with their own limits and shortcomings. We found ourselves independent and grownup when there were no more “wizard elements” in our parents.

It seemed that we never grew out of Steve Jobs. Steve was always a wizard, smiling rather mischievously, coming back to stage, with the now immortal “one more thing”. These days are gone forever, much to our regret.

Apple fans care about the health of Steve Jobs as dearly as their own greying parents. Long live Steve! Probably it is a good idea for Steve to stay away from the chores of running a company. Somehow, we probably took it for granted for too long that Steve would be wizard for us forever. Perhaps it is time were on our own, however strange it might feel.

Yesterday, observing the stage without the former CEO, we realized that it was now time for the growing pains. The no-show of iPhone 5 was only a minor disappointment compared to the absence of the wizard.


(ma)gog said...

Now the wizard has truly gone.

Even people like me who are not so updated with IT world owe him a lot in various ways as long as we live in this modern society.

The famous phrase he quoted "Stay foolish, stay hungry." encourages people with hearts and will live forever with his spirit.

(ma)gog said...

Dear Mogi sensei,

Happy birthday!!
A lot of people must be tweeting birthday messages to you, but I've chosen here as this is the most natural way for me to give you a message.

I am patiently hoping this blog to be updated regularly as it used to be and I am sure that there are many who feel the same as me!

terrafrank harry said...

Apple will hopefully outlive the loss of Steve Job.

Anonymous said...

For a long time I was admiring Richard Bach the author of Jonathan the seagull. One day I crossed the atlantic in a small plane and met him in Oshkosh USA. I spoke to him and realized he was an absolute normal man with the same problem ( wife, family, business). The myth was over, he was not (a) God but a man...