Saturday, November 06, 2010

Nationalism is a luxury made possible by globalization.

The fact that nationalism is on the rise in some parts of the world seems to be indicating the ubiquity of growing global interdependence. It is only a long overdue recognition of the self, mirrored in the mind of others. When in isolation, people do not have the way of thoughts leading to nationalism. Nationalism is a luxury made possible by globalization.

That is why patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel (Samuel Johnson), as luxury is always the last refuge of a scoundrel.


maruko247 said...

Global interdependence, as any changing reality, necessitates a stand, and nationalism (or the inciting of it) seems an easy tool for those in power to use and abuse.

Greg said...

As physical borders fall by the wayside, perhaps the heightened sense of nation-self (nationalism) is a manifestation of a choice we face: back to a "comfortable" and safe feudalism or to become part of a global/local community. It seems that we are much friendlier as individuals, but challenges emerge when people group together. We should remember that when we see the other, we are also looking at ourselves.

Pupa said...

I suddenly remembered Wife of Lot.
She became a pillar of salt when she looked back at home land.

We have both introvert and extrovert mind as to the situation.
When someone appeals patriotism loudly, though I don't like to hear it, it might be worthy of thinking about what he wants to protect and the reality of threat to him.
It is literature rather than politics.

Take care not to complicate your cold.