Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I want to have everything, RIGHT NOW!

When I was in the teens, I often wanted to have everything RIGHT NOW! As ignorant youths often do, I wanted fame, not in many years later, but right then in my mature youth. I wanted a beautiful and caring lover the same day. I wanted to author a great masterpiece and be forever remembered in history. And I wanted that transition from anonymity to fame happen within a day, or better still, within a moment!

Looking back, I of course understand how ridiculous these wishes have been (otherwise I would not be living a normal social life--yes, it IS debatable whether the particular social life that I am leading in and around Tokyo is something that can be termed "normal"). However, I do feel at the same time that in the Sturm und Drang, in that ignorant storm of youth, there was something to be cherished and treasured.

Maybe I need some element of the "I want to have everything RIGHT NOW!" state of mind right now in my (supposedly) mature life.


Belated runner said...

The honest declaration of your youthful wishes makes a favorable impression on us. I feel the wishes surely have formed you today.

Though I am blessed with peace probably coming from mature life, it may sound strange, I find myself still being in the middle of the calm Sturm und Drang.
It takes sufficient time, for example, that a conception ripen into a piece. But even in such a case, as you say, I have a lot of things to do right now. Reading reference materials, writing down whimsical ideas, dreaming the live stage...and so on.

Taboo on impatience, but hurry to realization, hurry to love, hurry to oneself!

Wander14 said...

Actually,when I was four or five
years old,on Christmas Eve,
I prayed to a Santa Claus
"Please give me all of toys
in the world".
Needless to say,
this hope wouldn't come true.
However I slightly believe that
like this childish wish could
help Japan,or widely,the world.

yuzu said...

I don't know that your wish or desire definitely.
I always cheer you. If I can do something for you,I will.
I think that you have enormous supporters in this world. Because your life is a beautiful and powerful.