Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiding (I)

When I was 12 years old, I wanted so much to capture a particular butterfly species, Panchala ganesa loomisi,. It was a small and lovely butterfly. The habitat of this rare species was very limited. Around Tokyo, there was one mountain range where the butterfly inhabited. One Sunday I could not stand it anymore. I jumped onto a train and ventured off to that area of promise.

It was not long after arriving that I realized that the search was going to be difficult. The forestation was quite dense, and the biomass was large. That should have been a good sign in the general sense. However, it also meant that the butterflies would be dispersed and hard to find, even if there were any.

I knew from prior knowledge from books and magazines that I would have to go down to the mountain brooks to have a good chance of encountering the butterfly. When I was walking along a flow, I met with a middle aged man. The man held a butterfly net in his hand, just like me. He asked me "did you come for the Panchala ganesa loomisi?" I answered "yes". We started to chat. The man said that it was great of me to come all the way to this mountain alone, considering my age. I felt proud and happy to hear that. Evidently, he was a very nice man.

(This story is to be continued tomorrow)

Panchala ganesa loomisi


Anonymous said...


Okera kera said...

Could the boy find the butterfly as he had expected?
I am looking forward to the sequel.

When I was five, I first went on a solo hike to find Okera(mole crickets). The memory is missing the whole leaves, but I remember I walked with a flying step. Somehow, I was crazy about Okera and Yago(dragonfly larvae) at that time. Perhaps I yearned for the digging busy forelegs and forthcoming transparent wings. Above all I loved the comical ugly figures.

I always enjoy so much reliving your boyhood adventure.

Junko said...

An image of the exotic destinations
came across my mind.
I wonder what is luxurious.

SfmPe said...

I guess that gentleman is Mr.Yoro^^.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed somewhat similar experience when I was an elementary school student.

Unlike you venturing to the mountain, I found a catapilar at the park nearby my home, which stayed on a leaf. Then, I brought it to my home and feed it every day.

After all, it grew up to be a butterfly because of my everyday care.

It was a fantastic experience.