Monday, June 07, 2010


I arrived in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Athens, Ohio, on the road.

We dropped by a roadside restaurant. I got into talking with John. John majored in film studies at University. He said he saw many works by the Japanese masters, Kurosawa, Ozu, and Mizoguchi.

This morning, as I greeted him on the hotel corridor, John yelled to me "Ohio!" I asked him if he meant "good morning" in Japanese (the Japanese word for good morning, "Ohayo", is very similar in pronunciation to "Ohio", and saying "Ohio" in the sense of "good morning" is a relatively well-known bi-cultural joke). John said "yes". "There was a Japanese movie with that title".

"Oh, you mean Ozu?" I said. "Ozu has a lovely piece with that title". "Well, I don't remember exactly," John said.

Back in the room, I started to muse that there might probably be two roads to the universal from the local. One is the internet way, and another is the Ozu way. Before I have time to type down the thoughts however, I realize that it is now time for me to leave to face up to today's missions.


Yuzu said...

I am glad that you talk about Ozu with American in Ohio,U.S.A.
I believe in everyone's root extend deeply to center of the earth where can see everyone. I think that Ozu's "Ohyo" tell it where everyone can feel.

Wander14 said...

I was so much surprised at that
kind of joke is used among American too,
as I have used the word "Ohio"
instead of "Ohayo" for a long time.

And I felt that I should've
watched Ozu's films!

Thank you for realized me.