Friday, May 28, 2010

Time pressure and diversity

One of the great things that accompany an appropriate use of time pressure comes from an unexpected angle.

Use of time pressure can increase the diversity of experience and execution.

Take a hypothetical example of doing something at a leisurely speed. You may choose to do a particular job very slowly, looking aside, sighing occasionally, stretching your arms, standing up for coffee, etc, and take one hour. If you are able to do the same amount of task in a very concentrated manner, and finish the task within, say, forty minutes, then you can do "something completely different" (yes, you are entitled to remember the immortal John Cleese catch phrase from Monty Python here) in the remaining twenty.

In the increasingly complex modern world, it is crucial to have a diversity in one's experience, in order to develop an robust set of abilities, and perhaps more importantly, to enjoy life fully. You can employ time pressure to realize the potentials within you by increasing diversity of action and experience.


Anonymous said...

Diversity of result, some people can manage well under time pressure, but some can not control well.
I am not good at this situation which it takes more time to do a lot of practice.

Yuzu said...

One of my time pressure is the rising sun.
I very need it always in my heart.

Anonymous said...

I can not manage well under time pressure, can not control well.
But somehow I like to listen to diverse peoples' voices that some may be good at this situation and some may not, especially 'why'.

I was often doing my job very slowly, looking aside, standing up for coffee, etc, and took one day or more. This was obviously not any such practice. .. so today, I am trying to take a little new style.

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