Tuesday, May 04, 2010

London Skies

Walking along the London streets, even for a short time, is always an uplifting experience.

People has identified New York city in the United States as the capital of cultural freedom. In a subtly different sense, London is at once a capital of cultural tradition and freedom.

People from many countries in the world flock to London in search of something. What they seek and get, being immersed in the world according to the lingua franca of English, reflect the multitude of opportunities for a human being today.

I am in search of something myself, when I find myself in the British capital. To some extent, the nature of that something has changed over the years, while other aspects remain the same.

So I look up to the London sky, believing in the infinite possibilities extending before me. The skylines inspire me, to keep going and make yet another effot.


j3sei said...

That's also the title of a very nice song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eihd51iJJZ0

Yuzu said...

When I was traveling another countries and I stayed at London,U.K, I suddenly felt that yearning for Japan. It was very surprised memories. I walked around in Hyde Park and met some strange people. But it was comfortable to talk and understand what I was feeling and thinking. I miss London Skies. I met a person who said to me, if big earthquake happened and sinked U.K, but London would not sink. London is very special place.I loved English spirit. It was a long time ago. Will I see still English sprit in U.K someday?,I think.
Thank you very much for giving a chance to think of London. I wish that you will back to Japan easily.