Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not so fast, Mr. volcano!

The reader of this blog might recall that recently I was stranded in Munich for 4 days due to the volcanic ash cloud crisis.

Here I go to Europe, this morning, again. I will be flying to U.K. I hope the volcano would not make any sudden moves this time.
Not so fast, Mr. volcano!

The U.K. has become something like a second spiritual home for me. I was in Cambridge for two years, and have repeatedly visited the country before and since. Horace Barlow, my Cambridge mentor, is there. It is a country which produces lots of excellent comedy stuff that I love. The general election campaign is going, energized by such unexpected events such as the surge of popularity for Nick Clegg and the unfortunate (in many ways) gaffe of Mr. Gordon Brown. I have been following the moves with great interest. I admire the wisdoms of the English people, including the unwritten constitution.

So I set off to England with a lightness of heart. I shall return to Tokyo, volcano permitting, next Thursday.


Yuzu said...

I'm praying for your journey.

Catwoman said...

Dear Dr. Mogi,

Please could you give a seminar in London sometime?

I'm a mature theory photography student doing a research on my dissertation examining perception in different culture and religion. Questioning If the idea of "Westerners and Asians think different" (ref. Richard E. Nisbett) or different use of language and the use of Right brain/left brain relate how we approach photography...

I really would like to attend your seminar.
Do you have any plan for that?

I hope you have a safe journey here and enjoy Little Britain.

Best ragards,


砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

I'm now reading "International Legal English" published by Cambridge University Press.

British & American law is interesting.

Please say hello to Cambridge University.

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

We can never be sure of nature. Accidents will happen. But we hope that Mr Volcano has become calm now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Dr.Mogi,your performance
is reliable.Thanks.
From M.N