Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More cows than humans

I came to the city of Kanazawa. I met with my best friend Yoshihide Tamori.

Whenever I come to a far-off land, nowadays, I think about how the internet made every place directly connected to the intellectual heritage of mankind. And I imagine myself living in the city, while fully connected to all the exciting things that the internet can provide.

Often imagination is the only limit. The world has really been transformed. We do not need any organizations or institutions. Every place is the best place to learn.

This ubiquitous presence of learning opportunities would surely change the landscape in years to come. Yoshihide, my best friend, was born and brought up in a very rural town where there were more cows than humans. He taught himself mathematics, engineering, and life. Had Yoshihide been born today, he would have gone even further, reading all the relevant materials on the internet. I am sure there are many ambitious and gifted young individuals growing up in the wonderful opportunities provided by the net.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was pleasantly amused to see that a famous brain researcher had a blog, accessible to ppl. even like myself!

You have made yourself available through the net! Go internet!! Yay

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Tamori sensei's attractive character might come from cows. Got it.

I manage to connect the net these days. The next target is cows...

Yuzu said...

I very respect all of your friends truly. Mr.Tamori is also great. I like all of his stories in your diary, sometimes make me tear. I am very impressed what he is feeling and like his essence.

Then, I very thank for internet. You said that I am sure there are many ambitions and gifted young individuals growing up in the wonderful opportunities provided by net. I know what you want to say.
I will try. Thank you very much for your existence the most.

Petrusa de Koker said...

Dear Ken, not only are there ambitious and gifted young individuals that grasp the opportunities provided by the Net, I myself found the Net very useful recently. I was able to teach myself new programming skills by reading a series of blog entries written by a knowledgeable and generous American man (he is somewhere in California, I think). I am not that young any more and not at all ambitious, but I like the adventure of learning new things. I am not very gifted either, but I am curious. Thus the Net (including your blog, of course) is just a wonderful source of knowledge to me.
Ps: I too, grew up in an area where there are more cows than people and even more sheep than cows. Maybe (like the comment above), I must also target the cows next. …and then the sheep. The sheep may proof more frustrating because of a lack of individual bandwidth. Maybe if one target sheep as a cluster, it would work.
Jokes aside, thanx to the internet I can read your blog every day. However, a lack of electronic connectivity did not stop communication before. It was only slower then.

TED said...

I want to express my opinion regarding the role of Internet. These days the Internet has enabled us to search for materials or information which we want to read and look for from all over the world. Moreover it has made possible for us to communicate with people who have different cultures, way of life,religion and the different stage of economic development.For example we are facing serious problems such as global warming, shortage of water, regional conflict, shotage of natural resourcies and the destruction of natural environment. Innovative opinions and ideas are urgently required to drive and promote the action to coping with those problems beyond national borders. Internet plays an important role to offer the place for us to express our ideas and to exchange them with people of different places and regions of the world. Therefore it is not too much to say that the Internet contribute to paving the way for solving the problems threatening human survival.We admit the Internet brings about a number of benefits for our daily life and society. However, we must keep in mind that it is used as a means of communication among the terrorist groups of the world to proliferate the anti-american movement on a global scale. Therefore each government is urgently required to introduce the effective measures so that the Internet is not used for anti- social and anti- government purposes.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to respond to TED's comment above. I believe that the internet is powerful in assisting both the solution to global issues as well as terrorist groups in their anti-societal and anti-global undermining motives. The issue, then, I believe, is not a matter of "learning through the internet," but how we use what we learn through the internet. Thus, you raise an issue of "ethics" and "philosophy." Perhaps Mr. Mogi is in need of discussing his views on this, becuase as you said--and I believe you are correct--praising internet is not alone, because internet is a double-edged sword depending on who uses it!