Saturday, April 24, 2010

Companies to my sweet sleep

I am in Nikko, where a series of temples were build in the early 1600s for the first Shogun of the Tokugawa government, Ieyasu. Now it is a UNESCO world heritage site. I am to have a joint public lecture today with a respected Buddhist priest, Mr. Yusai Sakai.

When I arrived at the hotel, it was already pitch dark. I had a nice dinner with editors from Asahi Shimbun newspaper. After parting, I went to sleep after watching for a while the second debate in the U.K. general election.

When I woke up this morning, I went to the window to take in some fresh air. To my surprise, there was this very attractive river just outside the hotel. A beautiful mountain was behind the river, and together, the water flow and the chunk of rocks made a wonderful scene.

I was taken unexpected, and thought of the long night during which I was not aware of those things. In the darkness of night, it was impossible to sense their existence. To think that the river and mountain have been companies to my sweet sleep all along gave me a surge of happy realization.


Wander14 said...

Oh! What a surprise!

I was talking about Nikko with
my sister just before.

She said "I can't wait school trip
to Nikko! I wanna see Nyammage!"

She also said "I hope to eat
soft cream in kotoku farm,
I heard it's so delicious!

I guess it is worth to try
if time permits you.

Yuzu said...

It reminds me dialogue in the dark.

I thought you had a transparent conversation in Nikko.