Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It always has a human touch

On the final day in Cleveland, we went to various places with Rick Baron.

About one hour after shopping in a liquor shop, I asked him if there were anything particular that he remembered from the shop. Rick came forward with the list of items we bought, complete with their prices, in a very straightforward and spontaneous manner. I, on the other hand, had only a fuzzy idea about what we have bought, let alone the prices.

The strange thing is that as you get accustomed to Rick's way, you feel as if it is only natural to remember things with precise chronological data. Failure to do so start to look like embarrassing.

One could not learn to perform like Rick by training, though. After spending a few days with Rick Baron, I am convinced that his remarkable memory ability is something that he was born with. It is not an acquirable skill. Even if the trick of retrieving the precise chronological information could be mastered after many years of strenuous efforts, the resulting memory skill would not be in its nature equivalent to Rick's.

In other words, Rick's memories are "personalized". It always has a human touch, and adds warmth to the information he gives away in such a positive and reassuring manner.

Watching the Super Bowl, New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts, with Rick Baron in a Cleveland Sports Bar 7th February 2010.


Anonymous said...

As with the ability to run fast or play any sports well, I can appreciate the fact that he has a certain exceptional "talent" that he was born with. Having said that, as with anything else in life, through the right mode of trial and efforts, I would expect his ability to be further enhanced to a much higher and sophisticated (professional) level. It is unfortunate that no one (including himself) has taken his ability much more seriously thusfar (not beyond the extent of participating in trivia contests etc) and hope there is some meaningful effort placed going forward to determine to what extent human beings can excel through the right combination of talent and effort, as with anything else in life. I would not imagine humans to beat computers or Google in their memory capabilities just as it should be difficult for Olympic track medalists to outrun cheetahs or Ferrarris, but such persistent efforts on the part of human beings are still something beautiful to witness and something that keeps us going.

Yuzu said...

I think Rick surprise about you how attractive person is from Japan. I want to ask him a feeling after spending time with you.
I can feel from pictures, both of you enjoying together.
It is good feeling for me. Thank you very much.

masami said...

Rick's memories are his memories.
He lives with his memories ever since he was born and throughout his life.
That's totally a new point of view for me.
Thank you.

Wander14 said...

I have been so excited by your journal with Rick for three days.
Now I am being exposed in inexpressible universe and
enjoying this feeling, though my mind is still boggling.
Thank you! Dr.Mogi.

Anonymous said...

Year ,I won't get this ability whatever I try to.
Sometimes I envy like him ,but he has lost something we have naturally ,alternative the ability.
Seen the respect, he may be unlucky man.But his face is Shining as I see.

apple407 said...

The thing about memories for most adults is that we are not always capable of storing and processing memories in a “healthy” way. Most of us struggle to either force painful memories out of our minds, or get help doing so.
It is remarkable that Rick seems unencumbered by memories that prevent a lot of adults from experiencing life to the full.

Anonymous said...

I still remember that my grandmother (my mother's mother) became a serious cognitive disorder after her husband (this means my grandfather) was suddenly dead due to stroke. Until then, they lived a quiet life by themselves for so long time. I think she could not adapt to her husband's death.
In early 70s, maybe the medical or brain science world in the local city did not have the concept 'dementia' yet (am I right?), therefore, my grandmother finally needed to be being in the mad hospital.

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice photo. Rick's face is shining.
Dr. Mogi's face seems jolly and relaxed over beer, both of you are very much at home ..

Anonymous said...

All for one and one for all.