Monday, December 07, 2009

In a nutshell, yes.

I am in Hakata right now, writing this entry. In the afternoon I am going off to Uku island, where an internet connection is not likely available. I am writing this entry in advance, and register it on the blogger system to be published on Monday morning JST, in order not to break the writing streak of the qualia journal, which would achieve 200 consecutive days in a row on 15th December 2009.

I am with Prof. Meguro of Kyushu University. We are discussing lunch. When I was asked what I would like, I answered "well, I would love to have something that comes in white, opaque soup, with a long thing made of flour, and a red fish roe which is rather spicy as topping, and you could have a second helping of the long flour thing if you wanted."

Mr. Atsushi Sasaki of Dentsu laughed, and simply said "you want a ramen noodle!"

In a nutshell, yes.

Prof. Meguro is giving directions as to where to find a ramen noodle restaurant. I am not sure if my wishes would come true.


moomin0sun said...

 Hi,Dr.Mogi,I like this phrase.
A japanese famous comedian Sanma says "syouyukoto!",about the same means.
By the way,you know the K-B/KEIJI
in Akasaka,don't you? This shop is
my favorite for a long time,over twenty years. So I was very surprised at this.Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling Ippudo was going to be your venue, but I could never have guessed that it was going to come with such a memorable attraction - Congratulations!

yuzu said...

Your qualia journal told us how run in your way in the world. It is so powerful and wonderful. I wish you can
get your wish always.