Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Full of life!

I had several dialogues with the artist Shusaku Arakawa in 2006, including one television shoot. The location for the TV dialogue was in the “Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA -In Memory of Helen Keller“. The producer was Goichi Hanano.

Shusaku Arakawa is a fascinating person. He speaks with energy and passion, and his words are poems in motion.

Once Shusaku gave a lecture at the Tokyo University of Fine arts and Music. For those who attended the lecture, and for those who subsequently listened to it on the internet through the MP3 file, the talk is now a legend.

I particularly remember the moment when Shusaku cried aloud, noticing that he has inadvertently let out some saliva as he was talking too enthusiastically.

"Look! In that saliva, there are billions of organisms. You see? The world is like that! Full of life!"
The memory of that "full of life!" moment would stay with me for a long long time.

Human memories are strange. I somehow remembered my time with Shusaku Arakawa this morning.

With Shusaku Arakawa in the “Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA -In Memory of Helen Keller“, April 2006.


Wander 14 said...

Oh! Time flies like an arrow!
New year waits for us.
Perhaps with smile.
Uh‥I haven't finished cleaning
my room yet.
Room is filling with papers!
Pool of papers!
Oops! By the way,do you remember
my comment?
Sorry‥I'm a mistake boy.
Easy miss.

but i'm happy if you notice
my existence.

Anonymous said...

Dr. KenMogi,

"Human memories are strange."

this sentence is really impressive.

and yes, time goes fast and only 1 + 1/4 days are left in 2009.
Hope things are going well with you all.

I read your Japanese blog.

In it we are informed that your dialogical seminar will be held in Tokyo in January 2010. the topic is a strategy aimed at an effective learning English.

i guess this might be very practical; so i am quite interested in this meeting.

Yuzu said...

I'm always impressed by you, because you are huge
marvelous person in various world. Even so you are
every time like students, like one of them.I feel you
are a huge fresh person.