Sunday, October 04, 2009

Full moon

I have been up and doing recently, for quite a long time. Galloping has to stop somewhere and sometime. Now seems to be the time for reflection.

Took a deep dip in the hot spring. Tasted the water from the bathtub. Pondered how divine is every thing. Between earth and heaven.

In the Okinawa Islands, there is a saying.

The moon is beautiful on the thirteenth night.

The girls are beautiful in the seventeenth year.

When I look up at a beautiful moon, I am wont to think of this poetic song. I first heard it when I was 10. I have been missing its touch ever since.

When you do too much typing, you feel as if you were starving, as if your inner words reservoir was getting low. Then you read a beautiful essay written by a lonely soul. You feel replenished. You can go on again.

You have a full moon in your soul again.


Tak said...

I am a big fan of Mogi sensei. I am a M2 student in Japan and for me, now it is the time for galloping for my MA thesis. Yet every time I find I am tired and feel like stop, I read Mogi sensei's blog. Reading Mogi sensei's bog, I can have a full moon in my soul again. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

A sunshine give energy, in the other, a moonlight purify. Bathing moonlight, my soul is cleaned, after that watered and filled up.

Anonymous said...

oh ... how beautiful comments.

I don't know why but for me, Mogi sensei's essay gives energy, in addition, it purifies my heart.