Monday, October 19, 2009

Enjoy the clumsiness

One of the things I am quite sure is that when I have spare time I know how to spend it.

Without money, left alone from the world at large, I would think of loads of ways to entertain myself. I am a proclaimed self-entertainer. I would never be at a loss what to do in the next few hours.

Recently, when I was on the road, I thought of another way of entertaining myself. Left hand drawing. I am a right hander, and have almost never used the left hand to draw or write. Maybe I was a bit drunk at that time. What happened was that while I was in a hotel room, I thought hey let's draw with my left hand. Let's enjoy the clumsiness.

Enjoy the clumsiness I did. Drawing with the other hand proved to be such a fun. Much better than these "brain drills" advertised in the media, like damn calculations and repetitive puzzles.

The degree of freedom involved in drawing is incredible. There is a whole universe in it. There are big bangs and white holes. Although at every step the clumsiness of the left hand tended to let me down, I weathered on, hugely enjoying the whole thing.

Stating the obvious, as the left hand is controlled by the right brain, using it can enhance the emotive hemisphere, which is a bonus to the fun.

My proposition is thus simple. Don't you ever be bored by life. There are numerous ways that you could entertain your own brain. The only limit is your imagination.

My left hand drawing number 3. Untitled.


moomin0sun said...

The drawing looks like you, just you,Dr.Mogi.Even if a left- handed man like me,couldn't describe so vividly! (laugh)
By the way, I made up my mind to run almost every morning.
This morning I ran. Tomorrow I will walk?!
Thank you.

Einstein's Brain said...

Thanks. It's true that we don't have to be bored, ever.

aMuse said...

Genius..!Marvelous!!! ^0^
I love your "chef d'oeuvre" number3,very charming just like you,
And I thank you for your quqlia
journal that
gives me many diffrents point of views..With fresh breeze.