Thursday, August 13, 2009

Repetition leads

So I have come to Munich, in translation to Bayreuth.

I have visited Munich many times. Whenever I can, I listen to operas, preferably Wagner, in the National Theatre. Compared to the dense metropolis in other nations, German capitals tend to be more sparsely inhabited, reflecting, perhaps, the character of the German people. Always keeping a proud distance.

Repetition leads to the realization of life's continuity. Visiting a familiar city reminds one of the former times, how you were young, innocent, and ignorant. With age one gets some chunks of wisdom, but the ignorance persists in a different form.

I bought three books on Wagner in the Hauptbahhof. Reading them would give me the much needed opportunity to refresh my German.

Today, I travel to Bayreuth, to meet my long waited fate. I would be listening to Tristan und Isolde. The greatest and most intensely romantic piece of art ever.


(ma)gog said...

So, yor are here!!

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your long long awaited moment!

Thank you very much for the lots of photos of Munich on your Japanese blog. I have visited Munich only twice before and each stay was just short sightseeing. But now I have to help my daughter to find a room for her, checking almost everyday Studentenwerk homepage, google map, local immobilien advertisments, etc. Now I feel as if Munich were my old friend!

Please please enjoy your every single moment in Bayreuth!!

Utako said...

I'm taking a peek at this site during an extended assembly. As I am not a public servant, absence of mind will be occasionally allowed, yes.

In any case, I'm glad you arrived at Munich safely, and leaving for Bayreuth.

Thank you for the beautiful photos of Munich on the Japanese journal. I'm pausing for each pictures to taste the fragrant scenes. Unfinished beer and grains of salt on the pretzel !

Have a good stay in Bayreuth, and enjoy listening to the great father of Musikdrama, Richard Wagner.

Anonymous said...

"Repetition leads the realization of life's continuity. ...
With age one gets some chunks of wisdom, but the ignorance persists in a different form."

someday please tell me more about this paragraph because i feel this is very important for me but cannot understand fully.

'ignorance' affects in a negative way ?