Monday, June 22, 2009

Up where the air is clear

Whenever I encounter an interesting person I try to strike up a conversation.

The other day I was running in the park forest. I chanced upon a man in the mid 50s, with a professional insect net. I used to study butterflies as a kid, and can tell a pro from an amateur.

I stopped jogging, said hello, and asked the gentleman what he was up to. "Insects", he said. "What kinds of insects?" I asked. "All kinds", he answered smiling.

I introduced my self as a "professional" entomologist. Then the gentleman became eager. "You know I have been coming to this forest for the last 10 years. Once every week. During this time, I saw Uranami-Akashijimi only once."
"Really?" I cried. "Can you really find an Uranami-Akashijimi here?"

Uranami-Akashijimi (Japonica saepestriata)
is a small gem of a butterfly, diminishing in numbers in recent years.

The gentleman told me an interesting fact. From then on, whenever I go running in the park forest, I sometimes look up to the treetops, where Japonica Saepestriata could be flying.

In the last scene of my favorite musical "Mary Poppins", the song lyric famously goes "up where the air is clear". The air has become clearer around the forest park ever since I met the gentleman with the professional net.

The tree tops in the forest park.


Einstein's Brain said...

I love butterflies. I was watching some near a river today here in South Korea. I am an amateur though. Mary Poppins is a great musical. I saw it on Broadway a few years ago. It's worth it.

(ma)gog said...

My favorite song from Mary Poppins is "Feed The Birds(Tuppence A Bag). I think I can sing like Susan Boyle although my children creep out of the room as soon as I start singing.

TAKE said...

I have a question about insects. I would like to have a conversation with the entomologist. If I go to the parkforest, can I discover him?

Anonymous said...

Looking around my acquaintanceship, all those who had an eager interest in insects, butterflies in particular, in their childhood have gone far in the elité course of life.
Even though they do not all enjoy a fame like Dr. Mogi (and Mr. Hato...), I find it quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

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