Sunday, January 31, 2010

Starting the day thus as an idiot

When I was a senior high school student, I was influenced by the German culture a lot. I loved to (and still love to) listen to the works of Richard Wagner, and avidly read the writings of Nietzsche.

I was over 30 when I finally made it to the land of my fantasies. My virgin landing was made in Munich, the town of King Ludwig II. Munich became my favorite destination, not least because of the National theater where you can appreciate the finest performances of operas.

Among the many things that I enjoyed while being in Munich, I must count beer as the foremost joy. I was surprised that the default ordering unit in many beer houses was one liter. When you sit down, and say "Bier, bitte", they automatically bring this huge thing. Another surprising thing is that you are able to consume the thing somehow.

One of my classics was when I visited the HofbrÀuhaus in the morning. I believe it was at 10 a.m. sharp. At this early hour, and it was a weekday, there were already some customers.

I ordered the default beer ("Helles!"), and drank from the heavy glass. I had my favorite pratzel. The salt goes very well with the beer.

By the time I finished my second glass, I was completely red colored and merry. When I stumbled out of the beer house, it was broad daylight. I went into the direction of my next destination, although I don't quite recall what it was.

Starting the day thus as an idiot was one of the best things that I ever did while on road.


yoshi said...

You really loved German culture,didn't you?
I have heared you intended going to German and study there.
I also loved to read German literature , of course in Japanese , when I was a high scool student.
I have never been to German yet. I was eager to travel in German ,but all I could do was emage strongly.
I want to go someday when I get plenty of time and money.

Dr.PT said...

Hi Dr. Mogi,

I just read your book that was translated to Thai language. You make a lot of inspiration for me. Many things about our brain and personality has been explained in your book. (Nou Wo Ikasu Shigoto-Jutsu)

Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge

Anonymous said...

"When your time is up and you fall, you can become a nurse log, and protect and nurture life at large. In forest nothing is lost, even death."

Hi, Ken Mogi, I like this the most. I almost cry because, I am a nurse and have just learned the term “nurse log” from your tweet, this is really nice.

Your German experiences sound very rich.

For me, the virgin (and last) landing was made in Frankfurt am Main, the town of, .. hunh .. sorry i don't know. I did not know about "Bier, bitte" also. I was just 30, very poor and was alone with the DB train pass for one month when I firstly challenged to go abroad.

Yuzu said...

I quite agree with your feeling. Germany is the best place for drinking beer. I remembered my memories in beer house ,Munich that felt joy from bottom of heart.
Thank you very much for starting the day delight.