Monday, February 01, 2010

The color of sea was something very subtle.

So one day in my twenties, I finally made it to Prince Edward Island. If I remember correctly, I flew from Montreal, and had to land twice before reaching Charlottetown.

After a few hours on the island I discovered that the island is a charmer quite independent of the Anne series.

Most enjoyable was the bicycle ride from Cavendish to North Rustico. It was a seaside road, and the wind blew against your face as you sped along. There were few cars, and you felt quite safe.

One in North Rustico, there were loads of restaurants providing the definite local delicacy, lobster. I sat at the table waiting for the lobster, but quite unexpectedly, something quite different finally won the day. The mussels. The steamed mussels were so tasty that I had to have a second helping, despite the fact that the serving was very generous in the first place.

The color of sea was something very subtle. There was this exquisite gradation from the seashore to the offshore, apparently reflecting the combination of effects due to the water surface reflection and the underlying sand, which was famously and in fact red.


Anonymous said...

oh great.

Dear Dr. Mogi, people can use a slow boat and train to reach the Avonlea just like Anne?

Can the people see the color of sea also from the window of the House of Dreams?

I need to save money :)

(ma)gog said...

I started to write a comment here with the beggining "my dearest Gilbert," and tried to state about everthing what actually happened during my stay on Prince Edward Island(it was not an easy trip at all and there was a lot of accidents and peculiarity and coincidence), but gave up on the half way because it became too long and I thought it would be irrelevant to post such a long comment, and at the same time I had to come back to myself from being Anne Shirley( like I used to do when I was very young) to do my daily work piling in front of me.

Well, I have found out that the Montgomery tourist home where I stayed has been transformed to "L.M.Montgomery Heritage Museum" for sometime, and according to the museum guide, it was "Magog" I saw on that day.

I will never forget the strikingly bright blue rippling water of "Lake of Shining Waters" by this old homestead, and the quiet walk from there to the sandy beach, picking up a fresh lemon colored buttercup, and the color of the sea as you say, subtly changing its tone gradually, and its continuous whisper to me like an old friend, and the taste of luxurious taste of the lobster sandwich which Ms.Montgomery made for me!

Yuzu said...

I have not read Anne series.
I see how much you enjoyed Prince Edward Island.
I would love to go there someday.