Wednesday, February 03, 2010

While my fondest memories would ever remain with the small time things

When I was hearing the NHK radio this morning, the news reader said that the Vancouver Olympics was just nine days away.
Then I suddenly realized that my favorite town is going to be in the spot light very soon.

My fond memories of the town was associated with festivities from the beginning. One day, Verna took me with Randy and Trevor to the PNE parade. At that time, I had no idea what "PNE" stood for. Later, the knowledge came to me that PNE actually stood for "Pacific National Exhibition". It was a parade of people in colorful costumes, with dragons and other fantastic entities entertaining people as they went along the street.

Then came the Expo 86. I happened to visit Vancouver there at that time. The seaside areas was transformed beyond recognition, and my favorite town appeared somewhat enchanted and a little distant.

Now I am waiting with my heart beating, to see how Vancouver would be transformed in the aftermath of the Olympics. It would surely put Vancouver on the map, big time, while my fondest memories would ever remain with the small time things, like the trips to Dairy Queen restaurants when Verna treated us with chocolate dipped ice cream.


r_yuzurin said...

Maybe I've been reading your Vancouver stories, I came up with a idea send a email to a friend who lives in Toronto.

She left Japan few years ago because of taking care of her mother.

Now I'll just do it!

Anonymous said...

Or White Spot?

my hippopotamus said...

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砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Speaking of the Winter Olympic games, I recall Sapporo Olympic games,1972.

I was profoundly moved by Janet Lynn's performance and Kasaya's jump.

Janet was just a Fairy on Ice with her engaging smile. Kasaya's jump was announced that "Now, Kasaya. Jump towards the gold medal!"

38 years have passed since then? Incredible...

Yuzu said...

I like your way of thinking.