Thursday, February 04, 2010

Decouple one's learning process from the social contexts and make it grow rapidly

The Japanese economy is experiencing a prolonged period of depression, starting from the bust of the bubble economy. Some have even called the past two decades as "the lost 20 years."

Because the human brain is well developed and capable of adapting to the environment, it is possible and natural that the Japanese people are experiencing days of low key mentality. The coupling of the national economy and the sentiments of the individuals in this way, however, is certainly not something inevitable.

It is entirely possible to "decouple" one's mental activities from those of the nation. One could have one's own brain "grow" at a high rate, despite the fact that the economy in general is in stagnation.

The leaning process of the brain is open-ended, and one is certainly able to keep learning, as the study materials have become more or less free with the advent of the internet.

The single important wisdom for anyone in today's world, whether living in Japan or anywhere else, is to decouple one's learning process from the social contexts and make it grow rapidly, to achieve one's hidden potentials.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, knowing that the "coupling" of the social context and the individual brain was the key driver behind the miraculous post-war economic recovery and we are yet to see the prevalence of any "pragmatic individualism" at a meaningful level in this country even among the younger generation (rather, quite to the contrary in my view), I suggest allowing the social context itself to be completely "reset" through breaking the "one people nation" tradition and welcoming more immigrants. This is a process that all other developed nations have gone through in the past (and continue to tackle consequent challenges to this day) and something that Japan also needs to seriously consider, given that the "isolation" policy under the "coupling" philosophy is clearly no longer working.

r_yuzurin said...

I really like your talking because anyone can believe that we have no measure of our life!

Yuzu said...

I'm very excited from now.
You said that human's power is infinite,isn't it?

Bouble K said...

I, basically, agree with Dr. Mogi's idea.
Then, the next simple question is
despite the fact one's own brain "grow" at a high rate does not influence the nation's economy in general..
Hopefully, the flowered hidden potentials could bear the emergent societies....