Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pet Relief Area.

We were originally bound for Washington D.C. Then, at Narita airport, the ANA receptionist told us that air traffic was expected to be disrupted around Washington, due to the forecasted heavy snow. She kindly suggested would we like to travel to Chicago instead, from where we could make connections to Cleveland, our final destination.

This kind of contingency in travel is always enjoyable. I spent the half hour or so waiting for our ticket transfer typing on my laptop on the airport counter.

In Chicago, we found a Chili restaurant. It was morning time in the United States. Expecting to be fed some spicy food, we were disappointed to find that only breakfast menus were available. The coffee was quite enjoyable, though. I guess American coffees are on a steady trend of improvement.

Having arrived in Cleveland, while waiting for the car to start, I am writing this journal.

Just outside the terminal building, I found one interesting sign. It said "Pet Relief Area". Intrigued, I followed the arrows. As expected, there was a small grassland area, where you could find some pet droppings. Smile crossed my mouth as I imagined how relieved these small loved ones must have been, after having gone through the ordeal of an airborne trip.

Now we are going to down town. Our adventure starts here.

Pet Relief Area Sign

Pet Relief Area Grassland.


Yuzu said...

I am so excited in your travel.
I envy you are enjoying american coffee.
Anyway please enjoy in adventure .

Anonymous said...

I believe the whole process of long distance travel (typically involving air flights) is symbolic of life in general. Coming across some level of undesirable difficulties is always inevitable, while one can often enjoy some unexpected enjoyable encounters with people and events along the way. There are people who openly complain about specific difficulties they frequently encounter and how they dislike traveling for such reasons, while there are others who are able to say they like everything they go through during the process in its entirety. I guess it all comes down to how one is able to positively absorb and appreciate such experiences. Having said that, I believe what you have just wrote most accurately illustrates your ability to enjoy life in general in such positive fashion, which I believe to be very pragmatic but unfortunately not the type of mental state everyone can easily arrive at.

nekochama said...

I agree with anonymous in saluting your reaction to the change in plans. The comedian Louis CK jokes about how blasé and disparaging some people are in spite of the amazing advances (e.g., air travel) we enjoy in today's world. Wishing you more fun and adventure on your journey!

Takuro said...

Dear Dr. Mogi-sensei,
You empathized with small animals...
It is very kind and nice of you to feel that way.
Your photos made me smile, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Mogi for your lovely and informative photos from Chicago Airport.

I agree with you all too. I could find some pet droppings. According to my quick observation, happily, their conditions seem to be quite healthy ..

Good day :)