Saturday, January 30, 2010

In order to explore the vast universe of ramen noodles, I need to have more exposure time

I have several weaknesses in life. One of them is that when I eat ramen noodles, I invariably go for the miso flavor.

I know there are other flavors, such as salt, soy, and tonkotsu. If I had ramen three times a day, I would probably have a fairly balanced diet in terms of the ramen flavors, as I can start with the "secure base" of the miso flavor. As it happens, I cannot have that much bowls of ramen noodles. I am always in a state in which I am hungry for ramen noodles.

When I walk along the streets of Tokyo, I am incessantly on the lookout for ramen noodles. Most of the time I do not make it, as I am too busy or am otherwise occupied or engaged.

So when I finally have a chance to sit down at a ramen restaurant counter, I have a strong urge to choose my very favorite favorite flavor, miso, and satisfy my urge.

In order to explore the vast universe of ramen noodles, I need to have more exposure time.


nekochama said...

How funny! Miso ramen is what I always get too...unless they have tan-tan noodles, for I am rather addicted to sesame!

Yuzu said...

I hear about Tokyo people loves ramen noodles a lot.
And your favorite ramen is miso flavor which is your "secure base". How sweet it is! But I sympathize in you can't eat ramen as you want to.

>In order to explore the vast universe of ramen >noodles, I need to have more exposure time.
Now I am very interested in the vast universe of ramen.

Anonymous said...

cute and very funny. I like miso too.
I like tan-tan men noodle as well .. hahaha .. become hungry.

I am also looking forward to seeing your tweets, that is the tree series.

I love big trees as well as you and other many peoples. I muse that one night a big big tree may come to the window just like one scene in the movie, "My Neighbor Totoro" .

Or, just like Anne’s Snow Queen.

"It's time you were dressed," she said curtly.

Anonymous said...

(to be continued from my previous comment .. )

... said Marilla. I thought Marilla is also cute and very funny when I firstly read this chapter.