Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relatively mild

I don't like wearing a coat even in the middle of winter, as I dislike the feeling of suffocation as one enters the indoors.

Consequently, I opt to wear a T-shirt, and then only a sweater, which is full of small "holes" by their nature through which bitter winds would inevitably blow.

When I went to Hakata the other day, it was snowing and the temperature was very low. As I ventured out of the hotel to have supper, the bitter wind was blowing through my sweater onto my bare arms with an astonishing force. It was at then that I felt a "danger" for my life.

Undaunted, I just hurried on to the restaurant, with my arms gathered around the chest area to protect and shield.

Once I was in the restaurant, I was OK.

Unrepentantly, I go about in the winter Tokyo today with my T-shirt and the sweater. People are astonished to see me without a coat. It can certainly make you alert, reacting to the changing weather. And it is just great once you are inside, without the nuisance of having to get rid of the coat.

It is just the winter of Tokyo that I have to withstand, which is relatively mild compared to, say, one in Russia.


Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

I completely agree with your feeling of suffocation wearing a coat. I am from a tropical country and feel exactly the same about coats. However, presently I am living in Akita prefecture where the temperature is somewhere between -3 to -5 C and snows heavily during winter. Needless to say, I wear five layers of clothing during winter time. But again that feeling of suffocation returns on entering indoors.So it is a no-win situation for me :(
I like reading all your posts.

Anonymous said...

Dear ken Mogi

I like reading all your posts too.

Indeed you were only wearing a T-shirt (printed with Barak Obama) when you came into a room to autograph books. :) Actually, since I have been seeking on how to "change" my character now, I once threw up my eyes at that time.

And .. one of my indefinable understanding about China may be .. "double standard".
One teacher in Hong Kong taught me "Confucian Philosophy is double standard". His major is Confusious and his interpretation on this was convinced me in the class, however, I am sorry i cannot explain this well.

Yuzu said...

Why you are so vigorous person? I can't believe I am the same species. But I will try because you gave me
a wonderful power. I can never thank you enough.