Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strange dancing.

My body is stoutly built, and my legs are not that long. Therefore, I am not a good one for dancing in the style of ballet.
However, I quite like watching other people dance. Once I went to see Jo Kanamori dance. It was a wonderful performance.

Jo Kanamori leads the dance company Noism. I went to see a Noism performance in their host town of Niigata. I was so inspired by their dancing, that when I returned to my hotel room I began strange dancing.

I tried to imitate what I have seen, but of course my bodily movements fell short. In addition, my dance might have been less of a comic performance compared to the immortal silly walk. Conclusion: Mine was a physical activity without any meaningful purpose.

Undaunted, I keep doing the strange dancing from time to time. Nothing to show. Nobody to see. Just me and the air around me which receives the strange vibe.


光嶋 夏輝 said...

Oh,I would like to see your strange dance. Probably you are so charming. If you permit me, I wanna dance with you!

aMuse said...

I love dancing,too!
Movement might be one of a way to express of feeling, occasionally beyond the language,without
Dance for talking oneself is pretty thing. ^-^
I hope to see Noism's performance someday.

Yuzu said...

I think people have something own rhythm, for example dancing , walking,running, talking ... naturally.
I like your rhythm, because,it is very different from me. I long to doing something like you.
Of course I can't to doing like you.
But I like your dancing. I feel something special.

(ma)gog said...

Your confession has made me decide that you are my soul mate,
Mogi sensei!

I also enjoy strange dancing in my own way from time to time. It is so relaxing, feel like almost meditating, knowing that nobody is watching me!