Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now out in the world

Mystery is generated and deepens when you can experience something at a particular place and time only. Misere, composed by Gregorio Allegri, was one beautiful example. It was only to be heard in the Vatican, at certain special occasions. The copying of the score was forbidden, with the understanding that those violating the embargo will be punished with excommunication.

Then, the young Mozart came along. He was 14. Listening to the Misere in the Sistine Chapel, he later wrote out the entire score from memory. As everybody now knows, Mozart's memories were extraordinary. Mozart had only to make minor corrections on a second visit to the Chapel. It would have been impossible for anybody else to accomplish this feat.

Through the genius of Mozart, the mysterious music of the Vatican was now out in the world. The Pope, after Mozart was summoned to Rome for investigation, praised his musical genius, instead of excommunicating the charming fellow.

Pondering the significance of this famous episode, I wonder if all creative genius is not like it. Bringing to the world a marvelous gem hidden jealously in some obscure corner of the world, only to be experienced by those who were fortunate enough to be in that location by chance. Genius is about highly strung sensitivities and prodigious memories.

Misere of Gregorio Allegri. Made open by the service of Mozart.


Yuzu said...

I'm very attracted over thousand thousand feeling in this space of life.
How much I appreciated these until now in my life,I don't know.
I can't say that I can compose some beautiful music or write some poetry in my life.

How genius Mozart is.
I am very attracted Mozart's music.

Anonymous said...

i visited Salzburg in winter 1986. It was a Chiristmas season and before Mozart Week. I bought several beautiful post cards and one was entitled like 'Mozart's Reise'.