Monday, January 11, 2010

As is materialized on his belly front

My best philosopher friend Ken Shiotani is rather big, weighing 120kg according to his recent report. In this slim overconscious civilization, you might think that his belly is rather embarassing to exhibit and see. Actually, quite the opposite is true.

People love to watch Shiotani's belly. What is more, people like to touch it.

When we are chatting in a Tokyo restaurant, as I am a very good friend of his, I can poke Shiotani's belly at any time, in a casual manner. It is rather nice, the rubbery feeling. Shiotani also doesn't seem to mind as he is used to my doing that from student days.

When people observe me doing it, they would like to do the same, and eventually do so, with invariably satisfying results.

Apart from the issue of being politically correct, I strongly suspect that there is something about fat bellies that make people around happy. While naturally concerned about my best friend's health, I respect his way of living, as is materialized on his belly front as well as in his philosophy of time, and doubt, for one, the body fascism that seems to be so rampant today.

Ken Shiotani seen in the front.
In the back you see my another soul friend Takashi Ikegami.
This was on Taketomi island.


(ma)gog said...

Just judging from the photo on the lovely quiet beach, it is hard to see the size of the materialization on Mr.Shiotani's tummy...

Anyway, I love this photo showing two of your best friends with their natural character hovering around.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Recently I think that thinking is similar to dancing in some respect. Sometimes step by step, sometimes quick steps...

Now Mr.Shiotani is thinking about something difficult we can't understand lying down on the beach of Taketomi island.

Possibly this might be his own dancing style. Yes, it's very surrealistic dance...

I am rooting for you too, Mr.Shiotani. Dance Dance Dance!

Yuzu said...

When you are talking about your friend or relationship with you which is transparent feeling for me.
I think your beauty makes it.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Shiotani, I'll be rooting for you too.