Friday, January 15, 2010

Out in the Open.

Google's recent decision and moves as regards their operation is laudable. I here pledge my fullest support.
The online manifesto by Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Google, "The meaning of open" spells out important ethics and philosophies for how to proceed with this important medium, the internet.

At issue is the competition between an open system and a closed system. When open and closed system co-exist, sometimes the closed system might seem to have an edge in the short run, as they are more efficient in the limited context.

As time goes by, however, an open and free system would win over the closed and controlled system, because a global optimum can be searched and found, as opposed to the suffocation of the closed and controlled system.

In the contingent universe, we must all be aware that it is impossible to control an organic and dynamical system, after all. The very idea of controlling information to the liking of the regime is childish and is bound to fail.

By putting oneself out in the open, one's spirit gets the freedom to grow out of proportions. Only then we can do justice to this precious thing, life.


nutty naughty said...

I totally agree with you.
I'm not sure about this but
I think he wanted to show the idea to China which has negative view about internet and to ease the tension of kicking out.

Anonymous said...

Fully concur. Then however comes the question of monopoly, ie Google's level of control over this "open universe", as with the previous case with Microsoft. Everyone is "googling" nowadays (with the exception of Japan where Yahoo remains strong), we are no longer switching TV channels but are watching only one information channel. I have no complaints if the one channel remains the channel to a purely open universe, but believe it to be inevitable for the one channel to be inclined to become attached to specific "sponsors" for money and consequently become biased and focused on specific kinds of information to be provided to the public, in such careful and subtle fashion and through hidden technology that the public would never be conscious of the level of control that the now quasi-open universe effectively has on their lives and their minds. Hence I believe some level of restrictions and regulations to be appropriate and adequate, as with finance and healthcare. Not to the extent of justifying the "closed nation" in question, however.

Yuzu said...

I read your qualia journal refrain from this morning.
I say to myself ,please give me a courage.