Sunday, January 17, 2010

The parameter space for the character heterogeneities

The functions of molecules such implicated in social contexts as vasopressin and oxytocin would naturally depend on the biochemical and biophysical contexts into which these molecules are placed. Therefore, the contexts ("keyholes") are more important than the molecules ("keys") themselves.

The more robust existence of empathy in female subjects might be related to the balance of oxytocin and vasopressin, but they would remain a indirect cause, the direct cause more explicitly accounted for by the specific neural circuits involved.
Keeping in mind these reservations, there are some arguments for the explicit treatment of these molecules as socially active parameters.

If there was an instance where these molecules are in effect traded between individuals through some measures, that could lead to an effective construction of their social functionality.

The intricate interaction of these "social molecules" would ultimately lead to, for example, differences in character. Therefore, the parameter space for character heterogeneities might be effectively written in terms of the parameter space of these social molecules, in addiction to a description by the specifics of neural circuits.


deepblue said...

I sometimes suspect that a natural law would always lead socially active parameters to go through the shortest course.

I think these molecules are combined with same elements as well,and the difference of the
instant 'density' generates some parameters which would work on keeping the most efficent balance.

I think the result is the heterogenites.

Anonymous said...

I think I could understand today's lecture of yours one second: the contexts ("keyholes") are more important than the molecules ("keys") themselves.

I am now seeking the answer on how to change my character. I experienced I was too suppressive and I failed the testing.

However, you are right Dr. Mogi, come to think of it, the contexts might be more important: why I was so suppressive at that time ..

Also this character of mine seems to be very similar to my mom's. She is a quiet and suppressive woman. In addition, she is really nice.

Yuzu said...

I respect to understand about human in science.
I also respect to understand about human in literature.