Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The cloud has already arrived

People talk a lot nowadays about cloud computing. When put in the strictly algorithmic context, there may be many targets and obstacles, still to be reached and dissolved. In terms of the way information is traded between human brains and nurture cultural environment in that process however, the "cloud" has already arrived, if without a resounding fanfare or a vengeance.

When I write this journal, for example, I put the resulting chunk of words into the internet, which the kind-hearted people access and read each day. It may seem a small thing, and it is a small thing in the context of human civilization as a whole, but the trading is here and now, where the like-minded are shrouded by a common medium materialized by the daily communication of information.

The Amazon kindle automatically archives issues of periodicals on the web, relieving the machine of the need to store incrementally heavy information. This is a particularly explicit instance of cloud computing. A similar process is already here for the human brain.


Yuzu said...

I am same age.I was in a light world in my brain(I am so ashamed to say the word brain, because I fill my brain like a small animal)
About 10 years ago, I met computer which took me a huge amusing place.
16 month ago, I started reading your journal.
I wish wanted to be a good reader.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Ken Mogi

Me too. I wish i am a good reader.
I still remember the first feeling to be myself. I felt to want to make myself pure.

Very recentry, two friends of mine expressed about one phenomena: "they are brave enough" and "they are irrational and outrageous."

I thought "oh maybe these are similar idea of the Aristotle's mean - a courageous person, some dangers and coward ... I cannnot decide their attributes ... Mr Mogi also says the contexts ("keyholes") are more important than the molecules "keys" themselves ..."

then, I listened to your tweeted:
"To enrich and respect the diversity inside you means that you give up controlling everything. You float on a wave of things."

I have found delight listening your tweet, like the other reader Mr Sunayama, even if I cannot understand all the content (and I become somewhat confusing ..).

Blogger said...

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