Monday, January 18, 2010

Ilya Farber

I met with Ilya Farber on Sunday afternoon. When I first heard that he was staying in Tokyo from Friday to Monday, I was amazed at his hectic schedule. Then I learned that he is actually on transit from the U.S. to Singapore, where he is now teaching at SMU.

We found ourselves seated in a soba restaurant. In the next couple of hours we talked about the neural correlates of consciousness, the pros and cons of analytic philosophy, problems in university life here and there, the prospect of consciousness studies in the future, how to liberate qualia from mysticism, and the joy of life in Singapore.

Ilya is such a fascinating person to talk with, so witty and full of love.

I learned that Ilya is fond of Japanese culture, his favorite manga being Ranma 1/2.

It is rare to get on a conversational jet coaster to ride from Dennetian arguments to the creams of pop culture within 10 minutes.

It was so fun.

Ilya Farber in a Tokyo restaurant.


光嶋 夏輝 said...

You had a wonderful time!
That's great!!✾

Anonymous said...

Fully concur with your views expressed in your Japanese blog with respect to the need for more effort in converting the vagueness of everything "Japanese" to something that is more comprehensible within the text of the "English universe", so as to save the "souls" of the Japanese. I would add that the objective of such efforts should not simply be to teach others, but also to remind ourselves what we can be proud of, in addition to what clearly needs to be improved.
What Japan is currently in lack of for the moment is "pride". I consider pride to be the only source of breaking through any barriers and hesitation of trying to become "better".

Yuzu said...

I read your book which is "No ga kawaru Ikikata"
again today. I think you are a stimulative speaker ,
and also you are a charity listener.
I wish you often have a conversational jet coaster to go your amusing world and everywhere. I'm sure every one is happy to talk with you,I think.