Sunday, January 03, 2010

"I am happy. I will live long"

In Yasujiro Ozu's film "Early Summer" ("Bakushu"), there is a surprise scene where Noriko (played by Setsuko Hara) agrees to marry the widower Kenkichi (played by Hiroshi Nihonyangagi). Kenkichi's mother, Tami (played by Haruko Sugimura), on a sudden impulse says that she had been wishing that somebody like Noriko would marry the lonely man. The unexpected proposal, and Noriko's equally unanticipated "yes", is a dramatic turning point in the tranquility of the beautiful cinema.
Upon hearing Noriko's consent, Tami goes on to say "Thank you very much. I am happy. I will live long." Tami has been worried about her son's future, and her own welfare, but now that the key arrangement has been made, she can rest assured that her remaining days, the last stretch of life, would be happy.

Seeing my own mother for the New year, I remembered the poignant scene from the great master. And I wished that my mother would be able to say "I am happy. I will live long." in the coming years.

Life is full of ups and downs, and I can take my share of the upheavals, as I am determined to be strong in heart, but I would like my aging parents to be happy, without conditions.

The immortal "proposal" scene from "Early Summer."


masako said...

This is my first comment.
I was deeply moved by your kind-heartedness toward your parents.
Your parents would be very happy if they would read this post.
As a mother in my sixties, however, I don't think older parents are as vulnerable as you suppose. When their children live their lives under their belief, they can trust their children and try their best to take the share of their upheavals when necessary.
Your parents should be proud of having a son like you.

Yuzu said...

Yasujiro Ozu's film is so profound humanity. I always fluttered in Each scene, each character.

I think your parents must be wonderful, so they say
"We are happy.We will live long," even what you are caring. Above all Mr.Mogi,please be happy. I respect your personality, I wish everything will be all right.
Please be happy.

Anonymous said...

I was deeply moved too.