Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Things in the periphery

To encounter new things, you often need to see things in the periphery. The central vision captures things of interest as you understand it now, but the things in the peripheral vision, which might not be of significance for now, might turn out to be life-changing in the end.

So the knack is to see the scenery as a whole, and wait for something to "pop out" from the unconscious into your attention.
What we see is massively parallel in nature. Things are captured in the visual awareness at the same time. Brain's resources as regards attention, perception, cognition, memory, action cannot be allocated to all that are visible at one time. So you need to distribute your concerns diffusely.

How to come to terms with the overflow of the periphery is one of the most essential things in life.

Look at a painting like "Children's Games" by Peter Bruegel the Elder.
Here's a larger file. Notice how things are visible in a massively parallel way. And then let little things tickle you.

Peter Bruegel the Elder. Children's Games. (1560).


砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Wow, they are playing with their own favorite things.

This is just a child's world of fantasy. I can find my friends and myself in our childhood everywhere.

Look! a boy practices break-dancing in that fenced yard. Oh, he was my friend. His name? Perhaps you know, Michael.

Later in his life, he became a worldwide pop star...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha cute. I could find Michael too.

I imagined, maybe except for him, this is an elderly home world of fantasy as well ...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mogi,
I am so sorry.
I think my previous comment might be not very appropriate, although I did not intend to be derogatory to elderly people's dignity .. right ?