Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nothing to say.

Take the starry night by Vincent van Gogh, for example. This oil painting, painted in 1889, strikes one with a vivid impression. However, Gogh himself has nothing to say about it.

Nothing to say. Creators must remain silent, after the work is finished. If the work is powerful enough, it will speak for the self. The urge to add some words to the self-standing work is a testimony of its feebleness. Weakness requires complements. Beauty and power are self-sustaining.

If you are a creator, you should not go moping about, concerning your work. You may want to do it privately, among your close friends, but not publicly.

This universe, which we inhabit, is a beautiful and powerful place, with lots of secrets and treasures, a small portion of which we humans have uncovered. It is a self-sustaining work.

That is probably why God remains silent.

Nothing to say.

The Starry Night. By Vincent van Gogh


(ma)gog said...

Because self-sustaining beauty and power, and God remain silent, I must try to cultivate myself to be able to realize and appreciate fully of their existence, whenever I am fortunate enough to get such an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

It is a windy willows morning today in Hong Kong.

"Weakness requires complements."
- it is the most powerful word of the day for me.

The Yale University Art Gallery is free and open to the public. Last summer the public were invited to visit the special exhibition; an unforgettable opportunity existed there.

yes, Dr Mogi, I met Gogh’s starry night at the special exhibition. The Starry Night has journeyed from the MoMA New York over the summer. That is all.

Zhiyang said...

That painting is one of my favorite.

In Shawshank Redemption, which is my favorite movies, Morgan Freeman says, "some things are better left unsaid," and it is true..

Anonymous said...

Fully concur. If everyone started to chatter about their own creation, why bother creating? Let us all leave the chatter to the critics. As I opined in my previous post, art would never be able to fully capture whatever the artist intended to express in the first place. I am certain Van Gogh was never 100% satisfied with his works and would hesitate to fullheartedly agree with the monster praise he enjoys with the world today. Once art is created, it essentially falls under the ownership of each audience and is no longer the artist's baby.

Yuzu said...

If I am feeling something I don't know how to explain
my emotion or thinking, I'm very quiet. I want to use my feeling power for reducing.
Today,I watery several times. It is good for me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms Yuzu. - almost the same .. I use my feeling power for reducing.

I have just experienced I was suppressive - why I did this was not at first apparent even to my own perception. Then I read the comment: "my emotion or thinking, I'm very quiet. I want to use my feeling power for reducing."

in Japan, many girls may be encouraged (expected) her emotion to move in that direction (quiet) by her parents (or our society).

Natella Mammadova said...

Interesting thought :)