Friday, January 08, 2010

Lights, darkness and all.

Drank with my best friends until late at night. Had an early morning, but simply had to stay. There are nights like this when you simply wanted to hang out with your chums.

Thought of leaving in-between, but stayed until the last call was made. Walked out into the Shibuya street. Took a group photo.
Memories of forgone times. Tears, smiles, and visions for the future.

Writing this journal on the way back home. Embracing life. Lights, darkness and all.


Anonymous said...

Good-morning.I'm sure you enjoy your life.
I think it is wonderful.
Were your friends fine? Did they enjoy their life like you?
It is a beautiful blight Sunshine in this morning.
I feel it sufficiently.
I think why you are so attractive person,you have a huge affection in people,life and universe.
Thank you very much for Sunshine always.

Junko said...

Friendship seems to never change.
keep going good teamwork, so beautiful sunshine is always in your mind.

Anonymous said...

Very poetic. Very touching. Lights on, onwards, towards the future, our future.

(ma)gog said...

I am a little bit jealous of you!
I haven't had that sort of wild over night drinking gathering for decades. Hopefully this year sometime, if I am lucky, I will come back to my home country and get drunk and chat with my old good friends! (Probably in Shibuya as well!)